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The Town of Rotterdam Police Department is comprised of 45 sworn Police Officers. We also employ over 37 civilians in support roles ranging from Public Safety Dispatchers to clerical staff to Custodians.

Rotterdam officers are trained at the Zone 5 Law Enforcement Training Center in Schenectady, NY. The 24 week program includes instruction on various laws, procedures, firearms, defensive tactics, and emergency vehicle operations. After completion of the academy, officers begin a 5 month in-service training program under the guidance of a field training officer.

The Rotterdam Police Department is on the cutting edge of police technology. Rotterdam patrol units are equipped with mobile data terminals which speed information to the officers more efficiently than ever. Officers are dispatched by using a computer aided dispatch system for quick and accurate transmission of calls from the citizens to our officers in the field. Patrol cars are equipped to issue summonses using the TraCS system on the mobile data terminals.
  Click on this link to learn more about TraCS. Patrol Officers are also able to use a license plate reader that automatically checks the license plates of vehicles to see if they are valid or not.

The Rotterdam Police Department is now equipped with Live Scan Finger Printing. Live Scan Finger Printing, takes away the older method of using messy inks which frequently resulted in submitting poor quality finger prints. Now, by using Live Scan, finger prints are digitally scanned and checked for accuracy. Finger prints are then transmitted immediately to The Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). In what would normally take days or weeks using the older method, now Live Scan enables the department to receive a response from DCJS within two hours. This response will confirm the identity of the person that was finger printed. With the older system, many times a person would lie about who they are and the police will not discover that the person gave false information until days or weeks later when the police received a response giving person's real name and that they maybe wanted by another police agency for a crime. With this state of the art technology, criminals will no longer be able to hide this information from the police.


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As a Police Department we provide unparalleled police service to the community, a quality work environment, and a competitive salary. For further information regarding civil service requirements, please call 355-7331. For additional information regarding the Police Department,
e-mail Lt. Michael Brown or e-mail Lt. Jason Murphy or contact them at 355-7331.

Thank you for your interest in the Rotterdam Police Department.

James J. Hamilton
Chief Of Police


Please do not e-mail requests for police patches, department policy prohibits responding to such inquiries.