Explorer Program



The Rotterdam Police Department explorer program has been in effect since 1977. Currently it is under the direction of Officer Kyle Girard with the help of several advisors.

Law enforcement exploring is a learning for life, career and leadership development program which gives youth insight into the skills and techniques needed to succeed in life and as a police officer. The program is supported by the Boy Scouts of America as well as the Rotterdam Police Department. This specialty youth career oriented program is endorsed by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the National Sheriff's Association. More than 2,800 police and sheriff's departments have organized explorer posts specializing in law enforcement.

While explorers do not perform as police officers, they can provide assistance in public service programs, such as crime prevention programs. The explorers have the benefit of seeing first hand what exactly the law enforcement profession entails and whether or not they would like to pursue this as their chosen profession.The explorer program targets youth in the ages of 14-20 with an interest in Law Enforcement. The program gives a hands on look for young people about the criminal justice and law enforcement areas.

Some of the duties of the explorers include meetings, assisting court personnel, attend training on courses such as traffic safety and police procedures. The explorers are allowed to sit the desk at the communications center to get a first hands look at the inner workings of the dispatch center. The explorers at the age of 16 are given an opportunity to ride along with police officers.

To be a member, you must be 14 years old, have completed the 8th grade, maintain an 80 average in school and be in good standing in your community. For more information, you may call Officer Kyle Girard at 518-355-7331 or email him at kgirard@rotterdamny.org.




Please do not e-mail requests for police patches, department policy prohibits responding to such inquiries.