Sex Offender Registry

A word of caution: The Rotterdam Police Department is providing this information to community members through The Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) which was passed in 1996. This legislation covers those offenders who have been convicted of certain crimes (sex offenses). SORA requires Registered Sex Offenders to keep local law enforcement agencies and the Division of Criminal Justice Services informed of their current address and provides penalties for the failure to do so. Not all sex offenders are covered under this legislation.


It is important to remember that many sex crimes (especially crimes against children) go unreported. Of the cases that are reported, many cannot be prosecuted for a variety of reasons. Although SORA is a powerful tool for making communities safer, it only provides information on a small population of all potential sex offenders living in the community. Do not infer a false sense of security from the limited information contained in any notifications about sex offenders living in your community. If you are a parent, you should always know, and feel comfortable with, any person who has unsupervised access to your child. Never assume that because someone you know is not on a list of known sex offenders that there is nothing to worry about.

How is a sex offender's risk determined?

New York State Sex Offender Registry: As a general rule, after examining the facts in the particular case, including, but not limited to, the use of force, weapons, alcohol or drugs, victim's age, number of victims, assault or injury of the victim and relationship to the victim, the court makes a determination regarding the offender's level of notification, commonly called the risk level or risk of reoffense.

The risk level is based on the court's assessment as to whether a particular offender is likely to repeat the same or similar registerable offense and the danger the offender poses to the community. The sex offender risk levels are level 1 (low risk), 2 (moderate risk) or 3 (high risk). Because the risk level reflects factors unique to a particular sex offender, offenders convicted of the same offense may receive different risk levels.   This risk assessment occurs either at the time of sentence (in probation cases) or when the offender is released from custody (in jail or prison cases).

The court also determines whether an offender should be given the designation of a sexual predator, sexually violent offender or predicate sex offender

The law also establishes a Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders to make recommendations to the court in jail and prison cases.

Upon release to the community following a conviction for a registerable offense, the sex offender is required to register with the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Sex Offenders are required to be registered for 20 years or life. Level 1 offenders with no designation must register for twenty years.  Level 1 offenders with a designation, as well as level 2 and level 3 offenders regardless of whether they have a designation must register for life.

If you would like to view additional information about level 3 registered sex offenders residing in The Town of Rotterdam you may visit The Division of Criminal Justice Services Sex Offender Registry.The following are zip codes that are used in the Town of Rotterdam. You will need these for the State Registry. 12303 and 12306.


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